Friday, April 29, 2011

The Wedding!

Last night I went to a friends house and watched the Royal Wedding.
I must say I loved how formal the wedding was.
Even though I would never have such a formal wedding, it is really exciting watching one.
The wedding was a fairy tale come true, I felt like I was watching Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.
Kate's dress was amazing, only someone as tall and thin as her could pull that off!
I must say I was laughing at how some of the guests were dressed.
Eugenie ( in the blue get up) looks ridiculous. Why would you chose that dress when you could wear anything in the world?  Beatrice (the one on the right) looks amazing, but that hat is over the top!

I love that everyone wore hats, I wish there were more formal events in this world that required hats. 

Not only did Kate look awesome, but her sister the main bride's maid had the best dress I have ever seen.
I felt like her dress could also be a wedding dress itself of course if you are not marrying a prince!

Prince Harry looked dashing!  Maybe even better than William.

Posh and Beck looked amazing!  You would never know she was pregnant.
They were defiantly the best dressed guests by a long shot.
Pictures found here

Maybe I will be getting married the same year that William and Kate did...hint hint!!!


The Zoomy's... said...

I bet your wedding is already planned out...

We're all over the tummy bug now, thank goodness!!!

Take care

Cassi said...

Thanks for your comment! I LOVED the royal wedding, especially Kate's dress. Beautiful recap!

Sarah said...

Kate's dress was AMAZING! I loved it so much - and Pippa looked awesome as well. I agree that Harry looked better than William - he is SO cute in my opinion. And, Posh was AWESOME in those heels - I can't even wear stilettos normally, but SHE can wear those heels while pregnant....she is one amazing girl :p

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