Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Weekend's Too Short

It is already Sunday! How does it happen? The weekends just fly by.
I would say I have had a pretty productive weekend so far.  Friday night I got some painting done and went to sleep early.  Saturday morning Grant took off to go surfing and I decided that I would turn a closet that we use to store junk into a place to work on art.

I started by removing the closet doors, all by my self!
 I then took all of the crap priceless possessions and stuck them into our guest room that no one really uses.
I brought the small table from the guest room up for us to store current projects that we are working on.
I put some twinkle lights around the inside of the closet to finish it off so at night there will be more light.

 Now with the dark brown doors gone the room is a lot lighter.  I wish we could paint it to look really nice, if only we weren't renters.  Actually if we weren't renters Grant said he would do away with the whole closet all together, but that is a whole different story because we are renters ahhahahaa.

Around 2pm we headed out to a near by park for our friend Eagles's going away party.  He is moving to Queens town in the south island.

 Everyone played volley ball, I drank beer and ate chips hahaha.
 This turned out to be a good pic of us! It is rare when that happens.
 The puppy in the pic above is Rizo said like rise-o , Anyways I pretty much stole the puppy and he sat on my lap the whole day!  So Cute!

This morning I got up and made this necklace that I have been wanting to copy from a necklace I already had.  It turned out great, I would love to make more because it was really cheap and easy the only problem is I didn't see any other colored beads.
Happy Weekend


beeswax said...

It looks like you had a sunny, fun, and productive weekend. What more can you ask for...
Love you, MOM

Anna said...

Do you guys have spotlight up there? I'm sure there has to be...they have crafts gallore up there. Everything from beads to fabric to paint, etc!

how to oil paint said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

angie on maui said...

Hi Shannon -

I'm a new visitor and now following you from the Weekend Wander. You are an incredibly talented artist - I love your work and am especially impressed with your automobile pieces! I am an aspiring artist and am working on opening an Etsy shop...hopefully sooner rather than later.

I read a few of your blog posts and knew right away that I would be following you. I, too, started blogging about daily life, but just recently discovered so many fashion blogs (hello, Kendi Everyday!) and now I am entertaining the idea of similar posts....just trying to muster up the courage to actually do so. :)

I am looking forward to reading along and learning more about you. Keep those art and fashion posts coming - love those!

Have a great weekend!


The Zoomy's... said...

Howdy Shannon,

You sure had a productive weekend alright!!

We're in Ohio at the mo, only just got a wi-fi connection and after my emails, you're my first stop =0)

I'm working on an update for our blog. The weather here is stunning, but it has been cold!!

Take care

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