Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yippee its Friday!!

I've got a new red belt and everyone is going to know about it!
Its just funny because I received this belt from my mom on Monday via a friend and I think I have worn it 3 times this week!
When I was younger I would get new clothes and "save" them, I wouldn't wear them for some times months or years, I think I was afraid of ruining them or afraid that it would cause attention ?
Who knows, but now when I get something new I wear it right away. 
I think I must get as much out of each item I own that I can before it is either out of style, too small, or I am too old to pull it off.
Its Friday YIPEE!!!


how to oil paint said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

Shannon Olson said...

Thanks Daniel for stopping by =)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful outfit. Really complimentary to your figure. Your blouse is amazing and works perfectly with your jeans. Nothing more thrifty than a gifted belt. You should link up your post. Great fashion inspiration reading for the weekend readers.

Mongs said...

You got me smiling when you said when you were younger you used to save the nice clothes, I did that too. Found you via A thrifty LA life, you look great in that outfit, I love those pants, still hunting for them at thrift stores. And the red belt compliments the whole look! I am your newest follower

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