Friday, May 27, 2011

Fantastic Friday

Friday was Nellie's last day of her internship at work.
It was sad to see her go.  She is from Germany and has been interning where I work for the last few months.
(pictured above Waana, Me, and Nellie)

For work we had to get this huge map of NZ and put pins where all the companies that we work with are.
I thought it would be a good idea to pose with the maps since we are in NZ and not from here.

When Grant gets home from work this is what he looks like! Covered in mud!
He is working on fixing up a house that had a fire, and they are digging under the house.
Mud everywhere! 
Friday night we went to a party that was at the house that Grant helped build, kind of an open house.
We arrived, took off our shoes so we didn't get dirt in the house, got a beer, and started walking down the stairs.  Next thing I know Grant slips and falls down all the stairs! Thumping down the whole way spilling beer everywhere in the brand new house!
I wish I had video cause it was super funny.

Saturday, this morning we woke up and had to go grocery shopping before breakfast cause we had no food! Nothing not even milk or bread.
Since shopping Grant has been painting and I have been cleaning.
Below is the state of my finger nail! Its finally falling off.  I smashed it in the car door in March and now in May its falling off, yuck. 

Grant's painting is going really well!

In a few minutes we are taking off to see the hangover 2, I hope its good.


Anonymous said...

Where do you work Shannon? Grant used to jump into mud puddles after rugby if he didn't get dirty enough! So nothing's changed, hehe. Great to see him painting! Miss you both very much, even though I am having the time of my life. Went to the Races in Broome today. It was a gorgeous fun day.

beeswax said...

I enjoyed seeing Waana and Nellie, since you talk about them, now I have a face to place.
Good thing you new fingernail looks like it will be fine and not damaged. Grant does looks like a big kid playing in the mud. His paintings get better each time. You should compare his very first attempt to his latest. His waves are looking so much more real.
Have a good weekend.

Lacey said...

I'm laughing sooo hard at Grant falling down the stairs spilling all over the new house!! Figures! His paintings are looking great, he's a natural

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