Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hit The Hump

Today is hump day!
For some reason this is a slow week, it feels like it is just dragging on and on.

This is what I wore on Monday, back when it wasn't raining and super windy.
I decided that I can still wear skirts without tights because it is not super cold yet. 

At night when its cold we have started to make fires and I found my socks that make my feet look like hands.

The last few days my family back home have been having lots of gatherings that I am left out of because of living in NZ.  On Sunday they all went to Hollywood and then to my cousins house for a party.
On Monday they all went to Disney Land because there are some friends visiting, and today they all went down to the beach to a big market place.
I feel like I am really missing out and it makes me want to move home right now.

In the mean time in NZ I have just been going to work and Grant and I have been walking/jogging every night to stay in shape.  I am already looking forward to the weekend.


beeswax said...

Just know that we all wish you were here with us and you are not forgotten and we all look forward to the day you and Grant come home.
Love you lots, MOM

Girls Gone Bloggin' said...

Thanks mom, I can't wait to move home also. It seems link its taking forever!

Anonymous said...



The Zoomy's... said...

It would have been more fun with you here Shannon, but your family have made us feel so welcome!! We have had a great time with them and I can totally see why you can't wait to get back here. I'm sure it will happen sooner rather than later.

Keep smiling & I'll see you soon!!

Take care

Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

Oh my goodness you are so cute in those socks!

Sarah said...

ADORABLE socks! Seriously, I am in LOVE with them! Also, so jealous that your family got to go to Disneyland - so awesome!

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