Friday, May 6, 2011


I spent probably 3 hours last night trying to add a few new gadgets to my blog.
3 HOURS!!!!  It started out as a simple task, I decided that I wanted to put a blog roll on my side bar so all my readers could see some of the blogs that I follow on a daily baisis.  Adding the blog roll was simple, the hard part was when I decided to add the Link Within gadget.  That is the gadget that shows 3 older posts at the bottom of the current post.  It was easy to add, but when I clicked on a post the new gadget got in the way of my comments!

I thought ...hmmm, I will google how to fix that problem.  After trying 3 different sites suggestions of changing some html, and it not working, I felt like I was going insane!  Every time I changed the html and it didn't work then I had to go back and undo what I did and try something else.

Finally when I was about to give up I came across a suggestion that worked!
Here is the link in case anyone has this same problem.

I really need to learn a little about html because I have a feeling it would make working on my blog much easier! 

And that is how a computer dork spends her Friday night!


tmac said...

Congrats on gettig "Link Within" added....I went through the same thing, but ended up deletin it as it caused a significant slow-down in my computer operation. Hope you don't have the same prob.

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