Sunday, May 1, 2011

Its Here...Monday

Its Monday again, I don't know if it is just me but the weekend goes by really fast.
I only left the house once this weekend on Sunday.
Grant and I decided to work out, we went to a near by park and jogged.
After the jog I made scones, they weren't the best, but pretty good.
All weekend I painted and relaxed. 
Lately I have been painting whatever I feel like.  Before I always painted something I thought might sell or did paintings for people, but right now I am just painting whatever pops in my head, or anything I am visually attracted to.

Macaroons and Ice cream hmm maybe I was hungry? 
Today was Monday again so I decided to wear the new shirt my mom sent me.
I love it and it fits great, Thanks mom!
The cute detail is on the back but I forgot to take a pic so maybe next time.
Happy new shirt =) 
When driving home I heard on the radio that someone we all hate is dead.
That is right, no one will miss Osama Bin Laden!


beeswax said...

OMG it's 6:30 am on Monday morning, I'm in Washington DC, just looking at your blog, and this is who I learn the news about Osama Bin Laden. I turned on the TV and it's true. I'm shocked and happy. Being in DC, it will be on high alert.
Love you, MOM

Vera said...

Thanks for visiting! I stumbled you

Keenly Kristin said...

Thanks for stopping by...stumbled you! I love your paintings, btw!!

I found it interesting that you went to bed Sunday night without knowing "the news." For some insane reason, I just assumed (yeah, yeah, I know), that everyone in the U.S. had to have known somehow about the news as soon as it was reported. But, I've heard it from more than one person, actually. Luckily, my husband wanted to watch some documentary on the sex trade (sheesh!) on MSNBC and that's how we found it, because it was pre-empted. That's a heck of a way to find out!

Kristin :)

Sara said...

Love your paintings.

Stumbled you. My post is

ChildTalk said...

Stumbled you back!

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