Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

My Mom is Great!
Here are a few things that I love about my mom that you probably don't know:
She is one of the funniest people in the world, really, she could have been a stand up comedian.
She always helps everyone, even if you don't want the help, she is there to HELP.
She seems to always be right.
She can find anything, really!  I have searched for a shirt for an hour before and she found it in 2 minutes.
She is never in a bad mood.
She always has good advise, for instance if you have been dumped that means you need a piece of pie.
If you are sad and crying really hard she can make you laugh.
She points out the obvious even when you also see it, she will still point it out.
She loves to have a good time.
She can solve any problem, especially when it comes to computers and relationships.
Her best relationship advise was dump him before he dumps you. It is always better to be the dumper than the dumped!
Another great bit of advise that I think of more and more as I get older is; enjoy everyday right now as you are because you will look back in a year at pictures of yourself and think I looked great why was I so worried about what I looked like?

So really what I am trying to say is I love my mom and I miss her everyday, since I live in NZ!
She is my best friend =)

Miss you!


beeswax said...

I'm crying.....
That was lovely, thank you so much. I have enjoyed being your mother, it helps when you have the best kid in the world. I hope that someday you can enjoy being a mother, too.
I'm still crying....

Anonymous said...

WOW, WOW and WOW! If that isn't my BEST friend Kathy!!! You know, your MOM, that's YOU Kathy, is just like that as a friend. Can't even begin to tell you how many pieces of apple pie we both consumed in our dating years OR how many buildings, clubs and houses and neighborhoods we circled wearing turbins and other camaflauge frocks and garments! Yes, those were the days! She did a great job raising you Shannon, always determined to get you raised and get you to eat that one last bite of cottage cheese! I miss her too and she's my forever best friend, my Fern. Love, Leah (Eunice)

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