Thursday, May 19, 2011

NEWS Big Big NEWS!!!

I have been holding in this information for a long time and the more I think about it the more I want to tell everyone.  Soooo I have decided that I am just going to say it!

We are moving from NZ to the USA this year! 

We do not know when it will actually happen, but I can say it will be sooner than later!

I have already started selling some of the stuff we don't need.
Moving to a different country is a big big deal so there will be a lot of adjusting even if it is the country that I am from.

Here is a list of thoughts that are constantly floating around in my head:
  • Start selling everything that we don't need to use
  • Don't buy anything new (even clothes because you will have to get rid of it)
  • Find a way to fit a whole life into 4 bags that can be checked on an air plane
  • Look for affordable flights
  • Find a way to save money for the moving
When we get to CA there will be even more changes
Jobs, houses, and much much more!


The Zoomy's... said...

YAY!!! It's so exciting for you and Grant!! We really wish you every happiness, but will miss you alot. You SO better keep in touch!!

Be happy =0)

Lacey said...

We are super excited over here for your arrival! Brandon can't wait to show Grant around. I'll be here to help with anything I can when you get here, can't wait to go shopping for house stuff too!

Anonymous said...

:((( Sad news.
If you are trying to get rid of the BIG mirror I can offer my help and some money.

Tina Martin said...

Hi your blog as well. I'm following you on GFC!


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