Friday, May 13, 2011


So last night we had a work gathering.
We decided to go out to dinner at a German restaurant.
The food was really good.

Below are some of my co-workers
They ended their meal with shots yum.
I am not in any photos cause I was taking them. 
Peter forgot his glasses so Grant tried them on lol 

The Story of the Rat

This story began on the night of April 15th.
I had made cookies for Grant's birthday and a rat came down in the middle of the night and thought, hmm this is my lucky day! Chocolate cookies all for me.
So soon after that day we bought a rat trap and started setting it each night.

After a week of not catching the rat we thought maybe it left so we stopped setting the trap.
Two days ago I went in the kitchen before work to make breakfast and saw that 1/2 a banana was gone, peel and all!  So I said the rat is back.
That night we forgot to set the trap and the next day I wake up and part of my mango that I waited 4 days to ripen was eaten!
Mango eaten and teeth marks on all the bananas! 
So last night I said set that trap, we can't afford to feed this rat.
Guess what we caught the rat!
In the middle of the night we heard the snap and some wrestling around and in the morning the rat was there dead!

If you are freaked out by pictures of dead rats don't look down!!!

I know you looked lol
When I saw this I really felt bad!
Grant said it was a girl rat, its too bad we couldn't have caught it alive and let it free outside.
At least now I don't have to be scared every time I go in the kitchen.


The Zoomy's... said...

OMG!!! I am completely freaked out by field-mice I would have to move out if I knew we had a rat!!! We have had a couple mice run off with the traps, only being caught by one leg!!! I set it beside the fridge so I don't have to look at it and the trap is tied with string to the fridge cord... just in case!!! It took 2 weeks to find the missing trapped mouse, I smelt it and made Craig sort out the rest - YUCK!!! it's the time of year for those sort of vermin. Hahaha last year we caught 2 in the trap on the same SNAP, not bad huh??

Take care and we'll have to see you soon as I have stuff from your Mom =0)

we're relaxing in the Koru lounge at LAX.

Take care

Lacey said...

Yay you got the rat finally! I think the part that would make me the most irritated is the whole waiting for the fruit to ripen for 4 days and the asshole ate it ahhah.

Mel- you crack me up, tying the trap to the fridge!!

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