Monday, May 2, 2011

Surprise...Ants and a Tornado

I got home from work, called Grant to tell him he forgot to take the rubbish out so now we have to wait till next week, and he asks me if I am OK because there has just been a huge tornado that went right by where we live!  I must have been leaving work right as it hit and thankfully missed the whole thing.

When I was talking to Grant on the phone I saw some ants on the floor and followed their little trail and found hundreds in the house!
Our floor is excellent ant camouflage because they were hard to see.
The weird thing was the ants were not doing anything, just walking around in circles.
They must be the dumbest ants ever because I wouldn't call our floor clean, especially when I was getting down on the floor to suck them up with the vacuum.

Here is a picture of the tornado taken from the news station.  Two people are dead and there are cars flipped upside down and the roof is missing off the mall.  I keep looking out the window worried that there will be another one!  When will the natural disasters stop?


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