Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tell Me it isn't so

Someone please tell me that another weekend has not flown by!
I really don't even know what I did, but its 10:30 pm on Sunday and work starts again tomorrow!

On Saturday we met up with Adam and Kerry, some friends we met in Australia, for a beer.  They were in town for the weekend, and it was really nice to catch up with them.

Today, Sunday, I started the day by going through a bunch of my stuff that I have been collecting over the past 3 years and separating it into piles.  I ended up giving a whole trunk load of furniture and junk to the good will.

I also sold 3 things on trade me (the NZ version of e-bay) a painting, a lamp, and a fish mirror!
I feel so much better getting rid of stuff that we can't take with us to CA.
After dropping all the junk off we went to a few of our friends houses to say hi and then we ended up bowling.  Guess who won both games?  ME.. OH yeah I beat 2 guys 2 times in a row, that never happens!


3 Items down a million to go!


beeswax said...

Great your stuff sold!! Very cool. Lucky person who got your painting, I love it. I hope you made good copies of it.

Anna said...

Hey, good on ya for selling your stuff! If you still I have stuff I could sell it on your behalf and send the money over to you! Just an idea...I love TradeMe!

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