Saturday, May 7, 2011

Who is the Dork?

Saturday, we went for a jog during the day and I cleaned the house.
Around 7pm we went to a friends house party.
Grant and his friends were told it was a fluro (florescent colors) party.
I didn't know this so I wore a normal outfit.  When we got to his friends house before the party, Mike had a shirt for Grant to wear!

All I have to say is thank god I didn't wear any fluro!  Because everyone at the party was dressed normal ahahhaaaa.
Grant found a mask that sorta looks like him, if he turned into the hulk.

Mike is the one pictured in the bight green shorts and Grant is to the right in the bright tye dye.
The guy to the left of them, they decided looks like Edward scissor hands.
They were both saying "look he looks so funny lets stand next to him and take a picture cause he looks so funny!"

Now if you ask me I think with the 2 of them standing next to the "Edward Scissor Hands Man" makes him look normal and themselves look crazy. 

You tell me who is the bigger dork?

This morning so far I have decided to paint some brown frames silver, so I can put some of my art in them. 
I found out from my mom that they are having a huge party tomorrow for Mothers Day!
I can't believe I am missing another fun event because I am stuck in NZ.
Well not for long...


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