Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Working day and Night

I wore this the other day when it wasn't raining!
That is right it rained all day today.

Some really good news is we got some more information about Grant's visa, hence the title of the blog.
Yesterday I worked all day at my job and all night getting all the visa forms sorted out.
I didn't get to sleep till after 1130pm (that is late for me)
This is the new shirt I got from my mom.
Thank you I love it! 
I hope all this visa stuff gets sorted out soon because it really stresses me out!


beeswax said...

Me toooooooo. Stressed!
The top looks cute on you. This Visa stuff takes a lot out of you. Grant's a lucky guy.

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

GOOD LUCK on the Visa stuff! You look great! LOVE the shirt!

Monica Whitney said...

Love this look! And I'm lovin' your blog, just found it linked on Pleated Poppy! And you live in NZ! I lived there for 5 months and met my husband there. I am so jealous of your life!

Now following! Hope you'll follow back.

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