Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Bright Pink Sweater!!!

Look, its my really bright pink sweater again!
The funny thing about this sweater is for some reason it is the main picture in all of my top blog pictures on the side of my blog.  How did that happen?

I didn't notice how wrinkled I looked until I saw these pics but I guess that is what happens after sitting at a desk all day working!
I haven't been posting many outfit pictures lately because it has been really cold and I have been wearing pretty boring repetitive outfits, but I am going to try to get inspired this weekend and try some new looks out!

I am still doing the GIVEAWAY over at VINTAGE WANNA BEE
So if you want to win one of my prints from my Etsy store go and enter the giveaway =)

p.s. I met someone about a possible art job at a coffee shop around 5pm.
The job sounds good, but my problem now is I drank a coffee at 5pm!
It is now 10:15pm and I am not tired!

Its going to be a long day tomorrow without any sleep tonight...oy


Anonymous said...

Oy indeed.

Love ya'...


Lacey said...

It's so weird to see you having to dress opposite from us! Soon you'll be here dressing for the warm summer weather though. Funny about the coffe, the same happens to Brandon. He drinks one cup and is up all night! Caffeine never keeps me up, must be the sloth in me =P

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

You look so cozy:) Can't believe June means winter for you:)

The Zoomy's... said...

You suit the pink sweater!! At least it hasn't been too cold yet, yesterday was 19 (66.2), so we're doing ok at the mo but I'm sure the cold is on it's way!!!

Have a fun weekend!

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