Thursday, June 16, 2011

Casual Friday

Its finally Friday! This week seemed to take forever.
We are still waiting to hear back from immigration and I have a feeling that is why time seems to drag on.
Every day I run home and check the mail box only to be disappointed again that there is nothing.
This morning, when walking to my car (I park on the street) I saw a delivery van driving down the street so I ran back to my door to see if I missed something and then I noticed it was the next door neighbor that got a package, awwww waiting is so annoying.
This is what I wore today on casual Friday.
The pictures are a little grainy because it was pretty dark, windy, and rainy outside at 3:30!

I saw the cutest boots on a commercial last night and they are all 50% off and I really want to buy some, I feel like it would break me out of my rut of wearing the outfits over and over again.
The only problem is I don't want to buy anything until we get back to CA, because I won't be able to bring it all with me!  Awwww what to do, what to do?


beeswax said...

Cute outfit, love the white tennies with the pink sweater.

Colleen @ Mommy Panda said...

Can you buy them online and have them shipped to your house?

Shannon Olson said...

I should Check and see what I can ship!

Leslie said...

LOVE the outfit! That is a tough situation. Will the boots still be on sale when you get to CA or should you buy them now. Good luck!!

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