Monday, June 6, 2011

God Bless the Queen

After a very rainy yucky day on Saturday we had a bright beautiful day on Sunday!
I decided Sunday was my day to go out and enjoy the warm weather, even though I was all on my own.

First thing I noticed when I was hanging the laundry was this pretty spider web.
Even though I don't like spiders, I find their webs very amazing!
My first stop out of the house was the library.
I know I am a geek, get out of the house and go to the library, but I had a book on reserve that I needed to pick up.  I find the Auckland libraries awesome, they have many current books and it is much cheaper to check out a book than it is to buy one!

My second stop of the day was a craft fair in Devonport.
There were so many cute crafts that I would have loved to buy, but I can't buy anything until I move to the USA cause we will have to get rid of everything that is not extremely important.

I also walked through an art gallery. 
After the craft fair I decided to do a little walk by the water since it was such a great day. 
It is end of fall here beginning of winter, but it was such a warm day there were kids in the water! 
After my day out I headed home and talked to my cousin and mom on skype for a while.
At night we ended up going to our friends house for a small party, where a few people got really drunk!
And no it was not me or Grant thank god!

We were lucky to have Monday off for the Queen's birthday =)
God Bless the Queen


Flor said...

These are beautiful pictures! I have a friend from NZ (I'm in CA) and she misses NZ so much! If this is a sample of NZ I can see why!
Love those red and green picnic tables :)

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