Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hot Curry Challenge

The Challenge
We were invited by Grant's friend Jed to take the Hot Curry Challenge at Simla's Curry Restaurant.
I hate spicy food so I said no way, but Grant, Matt and another friend all tried to eat the hottest curry ever.
The rules were simple
Eat the hot curry
Under 30 minutes
You can't drink anything like milk or yogurt
And no one can help you eat it!
One bite in and Grant was sweating and bright red.

He only got about 4 bites in before he quit.
When Grant stopped eating he started shaking and his teeth were chattering hahaha

Matt was the winner of the night.
Somehow he was able to eat the whole thing! 

I stuck the tip of my finger in and tried it and it was so spicy I wished I hadn't even done that.
It was fun watching everyone sweat it out lol
There were 9 of us but sadly I didn't get pictures of the whole group.

Happy Wednesday is over =)


Lacey said...

Guys are so gross haha. I dunno what possesses them to do such miserable things! But I suppose it is fun for us to watch =)

Anonymous said...

Love the spicy food challenge.:) Thanks for visiting the site today!

Flor said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment!

Oh man, I think I started breaking out in hives as soon as I started reading your post! lol that sounds way too spicy for me!

Tatiana said...

This is too funny! I love spicy food, but it has to be eatable, other wise there's no point to it. I bet that your friend who finished the entire thing is really going to regret it once he goes to the bathroom. Haha.

Thank you for your sweet comment. I'm your newest follower :-)

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