Monday, June 27, 2011

Mini Vacation

Friday was a mini vacation to Palmerston North.
Grant and I with our friends Alina and Tom drove 6 hours south from Auckland to Palmerston North.
The reason for our trip, to party with Anna!
The drive south was very long in the dark and rain, it felt like 12 at night when it was only 8pm haha.

Once we were out of the car we were ready to party!!!
Animals let loose!

Grant, me, Anna, Tom

Anna and Grant playing peek a boo

From Sad Face
Laughing face
Crazy Face!

Alina, Mel and me

Anna and her friend Tasmin


Anna pulling a face.
peeping tom, I mean Alina!

In the video below Alina kept saying pose for the camera and then she would video us hahah.
We kept posing and she kept saying hold the pose the camera is slow lol, I thought this was really funny!

I will post about Saturday tomorrow =)


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