Monday, June 20, 2011

Stress Ball

I am a major ball of stress!!!
There I said it!
 I am feeling extremely stressed out lately and I wish I could just be happy and have fun.
But I can't, all I can do is think about everything that I have to do before we move to CA.
I am worried about the visa, I am worried about moving and having to get a new job.
I am afraid that it will take a long time for Grant to find a job and that he will want to come back to NZ!

So that is what I am dealing with, and it is making every day hard!

It didn't help any that this morning I got up and poured cereal and took 3 bites before I looked down and saw a bug!  I then stirred it and saw another bug!  I threw the whole thing out and looked at the bags of cereal and saw another bug so I threw all the cereal out too!
So I ate toast.

Last weekend my mom had a booth for me with all my car art at a car show.
It looks amazing mom! Thank you so much =)
My little cousins got to pick out what art they wanted, they are so cute! 

I think I need to learn how to meditate or something.


Mrs. C said...

Where see you moving t in CA? Breathe!! So glad you found my blog...loving hours and a new follower!
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The Zoomy's... said...

One day at a time!! Don't sweat the small stuff or things you have no control over. No news is good news and I'm sure it will all be fine. Big moves are hard but you made it here... right?? You will look back on this soon and wonder what all the fuss was about =0)

The sun is shining and it's going to be a great day!!

Take care

beeswax said...

To answer Mrs. C, they'll be staying with us in La Verne (Los Angeles area) until they find a place.

Shannon, have faith that everything will be alright! Things work out, you know that. Like Mel said, don't sweat the small stuff. Look forward with excitement... You're coming home, and bringing a cute guy with you. Doesn't get much better than that. Oh ya, and it's Summer!

We are all excited!
Love you, MOM

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Wow, I love your car art! I just looked at your art tab. You are so talented.

Shannon Olson said...

Thank you!

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