Friday, June 10, 2011

We Have a Car Phone!

Every Monday at work someone always asks me what did you do on the weekend?
and I always answer I don't know hahhah.

So here we go I will recap my Saturday.
It all started with the alarm going off at 8am
We made breakfast: scrambled egg, sausages, toast, hash brown, and coffee.
Grant's dad came and picked us up so we could pick up Grant's new work van
We then drove the van home.

About 2 minutes from our house I open the glove compartment and guess what I find!
A car phone!  How awesome is that!
Who you gonna call??


Once we got home Grant went to do a little work and I posed in the back yard hahaha 

After my posing I noticed there are about 20 new baby mint plants growing
We had 4 last summer and they really spread there seeds.

So I got out the rake and spade and did a little clean up around the plants.
When I came inside my mom was on skype.
I started talking to my mom and all the neighbors and friends from back home.
They decided to have a margarita party in the front yard and included me by sticking the mini computer on the table with them.

After some partying via skype, Grant came home and we had left over tacos.
I then fell alseep for about 30 min on the couch in front of the fire.
I decided to get out my sewing machine and take in all the pants that no longer fit Grant.
2 pair of jeans and a pair of work pants all so big they won't stay up!

That is the last thing I will be sewing on this machine because I am going to list my sewing machine on Trade Me today.  We have to sell every thing and I think the more head start I get the better off we will be.

Now I might work on my painting cause it is only 6:15pm


The Zoomy's... said...

I had my sewing machine out today too... I'm making Ruby a retro shirt dress out of some old thrifted shirt from the Salvation Army!! And I love your winter look!! I've been wearing boots and jeans and snuggly tops everywhere... winter isn't so bad, at least we get to wear our most expensive footwear!!

See you in the morning

beeswax said...

Your car phone wires are slightly frayed. The rat must have been there. You can use my sewing machine when you move home, I never use it. Whoo Hooo!

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