Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4 and a Half Weeks

We only have 4 1/2 weeks left before we make the move to CA.
Only 3 1/2 weeks before we move out of our apartment and into Grant's dads place.

So my goal is to sell everything!
Tonight I am listing all this furniture on trade me (NZ's eBay).
I don't care what I get for it I just want it out of here.

Also in Grants words, " our TV has shat its self"
Two days ago we turned on the TV and it was no longer in color! So the 3 channels we had went to only 1 that you could even slightly make out what was happening.  Today I turn on the TV and listen to the news because of course there is nothing to see but fuzzy black and white and about 2 seconds ago the TV went black!

Grant leaned down with his face next to the TV and said couldn't you have waited 3 more weeks!
It feels like everything that could break is.
Our toasted sandwich maker = broken
My car = alternator
TV = broken
Grants car = bushings had to be replaced

Dear appliances please hold off on breaking until we leave!
Thank you =)


The Zoomy's... said...

Good on you!!! List everything and get it gone!! So much easier if people come and pick it up than you having to get rid of it!!

I reckon appliances gang up on you!! Our t.v blew up, our heat pump was blowing coldair (not great in winter), the top dishwasher drawer won't open and the fridge is so cold it freezes on the top 2 shelves!! Crazy...

How excited you must be getting now!!!

Keep listing stuff $1Reserves!! You'd be suprised what people will pay for stuff =0)

Take care

beeswax said...

It looks like you sold the chairs already, and have a bid on the black dresser and shelf. You will be sitting on the floor in no time.
4 weeks to go.
Love you, MOM

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