Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What I Wore

What to wear when you have given away almost all your clothes?
Anything that can go together and not look horrible!
Look how wrinkled my pants are, that is what happens when you hang dry clothes.

I love sweaters with lace as the backing!
We got our first congratulations card for our engagement from Grant's Aunt and Uncle.
I love getting cards in the mail.


The Zoomy's... said...

Haha, did you give away your iron too??

It must be getting hard to throw outfits together!! But I do agree that tops with lace backs are very cute... I have a couple and I love them =0)

Have a great Wednesday!!

Shannon Olson said...

Nope I didn't give away my iron just lazy about everything now!

I guess waiting to go to the usa has made me useless here hahhaha!

Life-n-Reflection said...

love the lace back on your sweater!

The Zoomy's... said...

I was just being cheeky about the iron!!! I won't and don't unless I REALLY have too!!

Not long to go now, bet your almost down to sleeps (like a wee person waiting for Santa)

Take care

Life After Marriage said...

getting engagment/wedding cards was so exciting to me! & just think, this is just the beginning! they'll really start comin' in october:)

Amy said...

I've never seen a lace back cardi, it's so sexy, love it!!

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