Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bonneville Set Up

Wednesday we left for Bonneville at 5:30 am for the longest drive ever!
One of our crews vans kept breaking down every 5 minutes which made the drive 2 hours longer than the normal 12 hours!

Thursday we got up again before sun rise to get out to the salt to set up our pits.
Grant's first time on the salt

After set up we went through tech inspection 

The first night out we all had a few drinks in the room before dinner

I am wearing the cute necklace Lacey got me! I love it especially paired with brown.

The second day out we took pictures of our car =)

I sold 2 of my art prints, which is very exciting.

We found this sandwich and Grant could not believe the amount of meat!

Second night out we checked out the car show across the road.

Grant is on the Utah and Nevada border

Today is more to come =)


Lacey said...

I love that you guys are posting while there! Dean loved all the car pics you took. The neckace looks cute on you! Looks like a fun time =)

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