Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ready for Boneville

Right now I am in Bonneville and we are racing.
(I am pre-posting this)
Tuesday we got up early (again I am not really adjusted to the time here yet) and headed down to Orange County, where we loaded up the car and got everything ready for Bonneville!
Everyone helps with something.
I helped put towels on the car floor so we don't get salt everywhere. 

Of course we have fun too! As you can see my mom was trying out my grandpa's motorized chair. 
This is the first time I have seen all these guys in a whole year. 
My Grandpa and I
(notice how white my legs are! yikes!)

After we packed everything up we went to lunch and then quickly met up with Lacey, Dean, and Brandon (my cousins) to say hi before we came home to pack.

There is nothing like unpacking just to turn around and pack everything up again.
This is how famous people must feel, its very tiring =) but fun!


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