Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I decided to do an accent video to show the differences between my Californian accent and Grant's New Zealand accent.

We are saying:
  • garage
  • herb
  • schedule
  • figure
  • water
  • leisure
  • salmon
  • fire
  • New Orleans
  • spitting image
  • coupon
  • aunt
  • bin
  • carmel
  • lawyer
  • mayonnaise
  • pajamas
  • pecan
  • roof
  • route
  • grocery store
  • aluminum

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beeswax said...

These two have way too much time on their hands, obviously.
The Mother/MIL

Life After Marriage said...

that was so funny! do you ever have a hard time understanding him or are you just so used to it now? he'll need to read his vows nice and slow for us americans haha:)

The Zoomy's... said...

I agree kathy!!
Funny tho... Shannon has a kiwi tone in her American accent now =)


Lacey said...

this was too funny, especially how Grant just flew through the list. If I wasn't reading the list along with what he was saying idk if I would have understood all that!

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