Friday, September 16, 2011

Bachelorette Weekend Prep

Today I have been preparing for my bachelorette weekend away.

Yesterday I got highlights in my hair, nothing to severe just something to lighten it up but still look natural.
I painted my toe nails, this is the color I will use for the wedding too.
About a week ago my mom and I went to Daisy Shoppe to find a dress and a cute bag.
This store is amazing they have so many unique and cute dresses and its all very affordable!

This is what I will wear out Saturday night.

This is what I will wear tomorrow on the trip (travel clothes)

Below is what I will wear the day after our partying. 
Here is my option in case its cold! 

Here is the option in case its cold the night out partying!

I am hoping it warms up for our night out, but even if it doesn't I am still wearing my dress!
The way I see it is we will be inside most of the time and its always hot inside clubs ;)


The Zoomy's... said...

Awww, Shannon the dress is beautiful!! and your hair looks fabulous!!

Sure looks like you're super prepared for your weekend away!!!

Have a blast, only 2 weeks left as a 'miss'...

Take care

Anonymous said...

Oh I don't blame you, that dress looks amazing! Can't wait to see it on you. Gosh you guys be careful but have an amazing time. It only happens once :)

Claire said...

how exciting! i love the outfits, they're gorgeous, especially that beautiful dress! loving the color of the nails and the highlights look natural! have so much fun on your bachelorette weekend!!!

Hannah said...

I love your dress and that nail polish color! Actually, I love all of these outfits but that dress is super gorgeous!

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