Thursday, September 29, 2011

Family Day

Wednesday we spent the day down by Manhattan Beach.
We picked up Grant's dad in the morning from the airport and his brother did not come in till the afternoon, so we ended up going to the beach and having lunch and coffee while we waited. 

What I wore on my big driving day hahahahha!
Surprisingly it was pretty cool in the morning and the sun did not come out till around 3pm that day.

After lots of driving we ended up at Down Town Disney to meet up with my cousins and all of our good friends from New Zealand.
Below is Ruby (a NZ girl) and Dean (an American boy)
The two of them have a cute little romance going on, they just love each other, its so cute (in a shy awkward sort of way lol)!
2 Days till the Big Day
(the wedding that is)


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