Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hair Styles

I decided to take the hair challenge this week.
What is the hair challenge you are asking?
All you have to do is try to wear your hair in some sort of style other than down or in a boring ponytail.
The first day I did a high bun! Really high!

The second day I scrunched my hair with some curl product and waited for it to dry wild.
Finally I pinned 3 sections back on top twisting them to make them stick up.

The final day I made an effort I took 2 sections in front and braided them.
I then put the rest of my hair in a high bun and wrapped the braids around the bun securing with pins.

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Natalia Lynn said...

beautiful!! I love love love the high bun with the braids around it. So cute! I might have to try it!

Ana said...

Love it! I love high buns :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! You look a lot like Natalia, actually!

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