Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Advertising Options

There are some changes happening over here on Talks a Lot.
I am now accepting advertising.

I have some new advertising options for anyone who may be interested!
One of them is FREE, so check it out.
Simply click either banner on here and it will send you to my Advertise page.

My newest partner is Donda Lee's:

I found her blog about a week ago and decided I love it!
If you have some extra time check her out, its lots of fun.


maggie said...

Hi Shannon! Thanks for leaving me a note over at sweetwaterbaby.blogpot. I'm thinking about your advertising offer. Trying to decide whether to take my blog "to the next level." By the way...I follow another blog called A Thousand Words by a lady named Jenn - who just moved to NZ (from England). The web address is Enjoy...and good luck with the wedding!


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