Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tour Guides

A few days ago Grant's Mom and her boyfriend arrived from Australia for a trip around the west coast and the up coming wedding.
We became instant tour guides!
The first day they got here we decided to have a relaxing tour around the town I live in and have an early night.

The first full day of touring we decided to go down to the beach.
It was only about 10 minutes after Grant was surfing when tragedy struck!!!!
His surf board broke in half!!!!

I thought he might cry!
But not to worry anger and sadness quickly turned to conversations about his new board he will get!

Laguna Beach is soo pretty.

The second day of touring took us to down town LA. Olvera st.
We started in little Mexico for 2 minutes and headed straight to the bar, Frolic Room.
The Frolic Room is LA's first bar!

We had drink after drink, probably 3 margaritas each!
We were pretty drunk when we left and it was only 3 or 4 pm!

From the Frolic Room we headed to the walk of fame st.

This Asian guy was posing and being the drunk I am or was I decided to get in his photo and do some posing!  He thought is was funny and so did all the other Asian tourists taking pictures.

The touring was a success although the day we dropped Jo and Colin at the airport it took us the whole day to recover!  They are now motorhoming around Colorado before coming back for the wedding.


The Zoomy's... said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time with them... isn't it weird being a little too tipsy too early?? We could have given them the names of a couple fab RV parks in Colorado.

Laguna beach looks so pretty!!

Shame Grant's board broke!! Imagine the extra things you could've bought from NZ if you hadn't taken it?? Oh well hindsights a funny thing...

Not long and we'll all be there!!

Tha entire country is in All Black mode, especially tonight!!

Take care

Lacey said...

Omg those pics of you posing with that guy are so funny!!! Looks like a blast

Rip surf board

Anonymous said...

Laguna Beach looks beautiful. I've always wanted to visit there!!!
I had to LOL at the pics of you posing with that guy. Too funny.

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