Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wedding Count Down

9 Days left before its wedding day!
For some reason I thought I would be really crazy planning everything the 2 weeks before the wedding, but here we are and its not crazy at all...yet

As of right now everything seems to be under control, but I guess that could all change when all of Grant's family comes into town and we are having to tour people around and plan at the same time.

This is the clutch I will have at the wedding (same one from the bachelorette night).

 I have decided that since veils are really expensive and turns out really hard to make, I am going to borrow my cousin Amanda's veil.  Since I will only be wearing it to walk down the aisle it does not make sense to spend hundreds of dollars.
I finally found my shoes at Nine West, after a full day of being at the mall dragging everyone from store to store.  The funniest part of the shoe shopping day was when we went to the Steve Madden store and the woman working there talked me in to trying on some ridiculously tall sparkly shoes in a size that was too small! She actually insisted lol.  The thing with the tall shoes is they look great when you are posing but when trying to walk its a different story, I could imagine myself falling down in the aisle ... no thanks.

These are the colors I will wear on my nails.  The bright pink on my toes and the light pink on my fingers.
Also Grant's wedding ring came in the mail today and it fits!

So as of now we are ready!

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