Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Costume Debate

I don't know if you remember about 5 posts back I asked everyone what should I be for Halloween?
Well, after a lot of thinking I decided that I don't want to spend any money and I don't really want to be something that I have been before and that is when it hit me.  Grant and I both have Mexican dancing costumes (don't ask me why) and we have never worn them!

So I asked my Aunt Lisa if she could do our make up and the answer was yes! 
Long story short we are going to be Day of the Dead!

Here are a few pictures from my Pinterest of how we are going to look.

I am so excited, I really think it will be fun!

Have a great weekend!!!

(All image links can be found on my pinterest)


Grace said...

fantastic idea!


Cait said...

Great idea, I think it will be great!

The Zoomy's... said...

Fabulous idea!!
Just like your wedding cake toppers!!

Can't wait to see photos =)

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Sounds amazing! x hivenn

Susie Harris Marks said...

LOVE it!

Pamela Bates of Mercantile Muse said...

that wasn't susie above, it was Pam :) I keep doing that when I'm working on susie's blog design...LOL!

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