Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This year instead of carving my pumpkin I thought it might be just as fun, and less messy, to paint it!
The plus side to painting is you can make a different design on each side too.

Isn't that fun =)

This last Saturday we did go to a Halloween party and we got all dressed up and had a wonderful time, but I forgot my camera there sooooo I have no pictures from that night!
I guess I will have to just do a delayed costume post when I get the camera back.
For now I leave you with what I wore today...shorts, orange t-shirt, orange Halloween socks and I threw some bunny ears on (for fun). 
There were so many great events that happened this month:
  • I got married
  • All our family were together for the wedding
  • Grant got a job
  • It was my birthday
  • And of course Halloween!
Looking forward to November and all the fun that will bring!
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Grace said...

sounds like a perfect month Shannon! :)


Kailee said...

Sweet pumpkins! I always love painting them more because it's much less messy and I think its easier (for me at least) to be more creative. Love them!

Soccer Mom Style said...

Congratulations to your hubby! I love what you did with your pumpkins. I don't have a post about it but I like painting pumpkins too. Especially love children's creations. I pinned more painted pumpkin ideas on my Pinterest:

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