Monday, October 10, 2011

My 1950's Wedding Decor

A major part of our wedding planning was coming up with how we would decorate.
I found these cheap flamingos at a garden store.

I decided early on I didn't want to spend too much money on flowers.
Thankfully Katherine our wedding coordinator was able to come up with some inexpensive options for flowers that came out looking awesome!

If you are looking for a wedding planner/ coordinator I would suggest Katherine, she was a major help and really knew what she was doing! 
She has a great blog called Life After Marriage, stop by and check her out.

I knew from the start that I wanted a candy/cake table with 1950's candy and also candy from New Zealand.

I found some super cute cake toppers in Olvera Street.  They are actually salt and pepper shakers.
So now we can use them in our house.

I am so happy I went with the checkered dance floor because it really brought the whole 1950's theme together and added a lot of interest to the pictures.

Finally we wanted everyone to have fun so we had hula hoops for kids and adults to play with.

All of my photos were taken by Jerry Foss ( and Richard Wong (, the best photographers ever!
Honestly if you need photographers for your wedding, these guys are the best.  They are both super easy to work with, very funny and cool.  I am so happy with every photo they took, and I feel like without them I would not have even seen my own wedding!

You can find a little clip about my blog over at Donda Lee's blog!


Grace said...

you've been nominated :)


Andrea said...

Hey there! New follower from Grace at Her Umbrella!

Love your decorations! And your whole wedding actually! Everything was beautiful! I just got married too & can't wait to get our pictures back from the photographer! = )


Alison said...

I found your blog through the daybook and I saw your wedding posts. I love the vintage theme and the length of your dress was really pretty.

The Book of Love

Jamie - Snow In December said...

Awesome decorations!!!

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