Friday, October 28, 2011

My Birthday!

I am now officially 28!  Yesterday was my birthday.
I don't feel any different so that is good.

Grant got me a really nice gift.  Three things! Imagine my excitement, I got a guess purse, a hot water bottle (it warms the bed by your feet and I left mine in NZ) and some Prada perfume!
My parents took us out to dinner to Buca, a yummy Italian restaurant.

It was a great birthday in my opinion =)

I made my own cake, and it tasted awesome! 

Me and my new purse yippy!
-Happy Friday


Grace said...

happy birthday darlin!

and Prada perfume... YAY!


Summer-Raye said...


Just found your blog. Want to follow each other? Let me know Ill follow back!



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