Friday, October 7, 2011

My Wedding Part One

On October 1, 2011, we got married.

My day started at 8am with getting my hair done, Grant and the rest of my family headed down to my Grandpa's shop to set up our 1950's themed wedding.

An hour before we had to leave for the wedding my cousins and my friend Andrea stopped by my room to say a little hello and wish me luck. 
Me and Andrea

Me and Kristen, Lacey is in the background.

My parents both met me in my room so we could take some pictures before heading to the wedding venue.  Of course I did not see Grant before the wedding because I wanted it to be a big surprise.

When we were done taking our pictures we went back up to the room so Grant and his mom and dad could come down and take their pictures and head over to the shop.

He is so good looking!

After these photos were taken they all went to the shop and my dad and I waited in the hotel room till it was time for our arrival.

Check in tomorrow for the ceremony!

(all of my photos were taken by Jerry Foss and Richard Wong, the best photographers ever!)

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Life After Marriage said...

LOVE this post! and the pictures! you looked absolutely perfect. you were the perfect bride, seriously! Keep the wedding posts comin' cause they make my day every time i log on and see that you've posted!;) and holy cow, the pictures with your parents are so sweet...they are SO proud of you & just beaming! i love it!<3

Cait said...

Congratulation! Lovely pictures, your dress is so beautiful and you look great :)

Grace said...

you looked amazing and I'm loving the pink underneath!


Ania said...

LOVE your dress so super cute. You look beautiful and love all the little details. Your mom's dress is cute too.

Jen@mamaZEN said...

LOVE the dress and the whole style of the wedding party!

New follower from WIWW :)

No Model Lady said...

I LOVE the pink peek-a-boo!!! So unique and lovely:)

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