Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Wedding Part Two

I made my grand arrival to the wedding at 5:30 pm in a hot rod with my dad driving us.
We pulled up in the car and walked down the aisle while everyone else was already seated and waiting.
I was so nervous I was shaking!

Luckily I was able to laugh a few times to relieve some of my nervousness, if not I think I might have fainted!

Here we are exchanging the rings. 

Finally we are a married couple.
Mr. and Mrs. Torrens!

At this moment it was so amazing to know that I am actually married and I no longer have to plan and worry about the wedding and everything going right.
All we had to do at this moment was have fun and we did!

Stay tuned for the next post all about the wedding party.

(all of my photos were taken by Jerry Foss and Richard Wong, the best photographers ever!)


Natalia Lynn said...

LOVE your dress!!! And the pink underneath, beautiful!

Stephanie Solis said...

I love it all, absolutely beautiful! :)

Grace said...

awesome arrival!

beeswax said...

My post didn't take, testing.

The Zoomy's... said...

Just beautiful!!

It is a little hard to believe it's all over... I see lots of laughter and love and happiness in your future =)

Take care

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