Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Progress Report

Wow time flys when you are doing nothing, hahhaha!  That is actually not true, but time really is flying and I still don't have a job!  Today I went on an employment agency interview, where I felt under qualified and stupid.  Oh well, who cares if I only type 35 words a minute ahahhahahha.  They offered to send me on a job interview in 2 weeks to a place that is an hour away from where I live and I would make $10.00 an hour.
So that means that I would make $80.00 dollars a day and pay $40.00 of it in gas every other day.
For some reason I am smart enough to realize that there is no way I can live off of 10 dollars an hour LOL.
If I sold 2 paintings a day or a few drawings a week I would make way more than that.

Anyways new topic!
I have been working on a lot of art for my Etsy store and I have a few commissioned projects that I have been asked to do for Christmas, so that is really good news.
I have also taken out a few ads on about four different blogs for my Art Store, so hopefully it takes off!

Last weekend Grant and I went and spent some time with my cousin Lacey and her husband Brandon.  The guys went surfing and us girls hung out.  Lacey has just found out that she is having a baby GIRL!  I got so excited last night that I decided to make her something, but its a surprise till I give it to her.
I might do a blog post on how I made it (the surprise that is).

Grant has been working everyday, although he is so tired by the time he gets home he goes straight to bed sometimes without eating!  I told him he is going to get too skinny, so I force him to eat LOL.

Sadly again I don't have any good progress pictures so I will leave you with a picture of our unripe Lemon tree in our backyard.

I see some margaritas in my near future!


Anonymous said...

Sorry the interview with the agency didn't go great. Follow your dreams, you will get there!!!

Have a good weekend :)

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