Monday, November 14, 2011

Is it already Christmas?

This weekend I worked on some art and we went and visited Lacey (my cousin) and Brandon.
Friday night we went out to dinner and while we waited for a table we decided to pose by the Christmas tree.  The whole mall is already decorated!

Look... We have a kid!  Just kidding this is my nephew.

My mom blends in perfect with the tree =)

This picture is the perfect proof that I need a new camera!
Hope everyone had a good weekend because its already Monday, the weeks are really flying by.


Anonymous said...

I like colours on that tree. I'm spending Xmas alone (well, with Pippa) this year :( And sadly no presents too.. At least I will make sure I will eat as much free food and drink as much free alcohol as I can at all the upcoming christmas functions!! Hehehe

PS Your kid is cutie)


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