Monday, November 7, 2011

Search Keywords

In between searching for jobs and working on art I thought I would share with everyone the
"Search Keywords" That brought some people to this blog this week:

  • shannon olsen talks a lot
    • My last name is spelt wrong (as usual)
  • chanel framed image
    • A painting I did
  • sweating from jeans
    • A post I did a while back about how sweaty skinny jeans can be
  • bridal tea party hats
    • A post I did about my bridal shower
  • jerry foss photographer email
    • My wedding photographer
  • shannon olson blog
    • My name
  • smalll car
    • I am not sure how you get to my blog with this search word, but I had a small car in NZ

Ok back to the job search!


Natalia Lynn said...

Isn't it weird to see what people search for? Mine came up a few searches for my husband's name which bothers me. Who is looking for my husband and how did it lead back to my blog?? Weird!

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