Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

It is finally starting to really feel like Fall here in sunny southern California.
We have even had our heater on for the last few days!

When I moved back to Ca from New Zealand I had to give away most of my clothes because sadly they would just not fit in the luggage, so I have been shopping a few times and I am slowly building my wardrobe back up.
The sweater I got from TJ Maxx and the boots my mom found for $13.00 at Khols.
I love a good deal!

These were the few items that are warm that I was able to fit in my luggage from NZ.
I am happy now that I crammed so much in and actually wish I was able to bring back more.

Even though the weather is cool there are still a lot for pretty flowers in our back yard.
Many people... ok one person (Alina) asked that I do more blogging about what we are up to since we left New Zealand.  Soooo I have decided to make every Friday (or most Fridays) a progress report day, where I will let everyone know how we are doing and what we get up to!
I guess that means I better start doing something interesting hahahaha.
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Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I absolutely miss your posts, they make my life more interesting! I really want to keep up with some blogging in english (what a difficult language) but ... BUT. Show us more pictures too please, Tom is always like "Have you seen Shannon's post?" :))))))

We are your fans :)


Anonymous said...

PS You look very skinny! Tell us what you've been (not)eating :)

Same Alina.

Anonymous said...

Love that first outfit- very cute!
Those boots were a steal for 13 bucks.
Can't wait to read your Friday's posts :)

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