Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 Review

A lot has happened this year in our lives and I thought December is the perfect time to recap our year.
  • We both started new jobs this year
  • We both quit those new jobs to move from NZ to the USA
  • We sold every single thing we owned and moved out of our own place and into my parents place in CA
  • We got married
  • We have both found new jobs in CA
  • We have bought cars, tools and clothes
  • We are starting completely new!
I must say we have accomplished quite a lot in one year, we have made more changes in one year than most people make in their whole lives! Life is a challenge and we are up for it.

Tomorrow is the last day of my giveaway, go here to enter!
Thursday I announce the winner winner chicken dinner!


beeswax said...

Just want you to know how proud I am of you. You're right, not many people take on the adventure you did. You need to remember all this when you feel intimidated by anything. You're a brave little girl and you make things happen. The world is yours for the taking.
I love you lots, MOM

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