Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cha cha cha Changes... The End of 2011

What a year I/we have had!  So much has happened in 2011, that when I look back it seems crazy that so many things can change in just one year.  Here is a recap of what happened for me personally in the year 2011.

In January 2011 Grant and I were living in New Zealand enjoying the summer.
I had just started a new job as a receptionist and on the blog I started doing 2 challenges, a picture a day and the 30 for 30 challenge.  I successfully finished the 30 for 30 remix challenge but sadly I did not finish the picture a day challenge. I think I made it for about 3 months before it became too much work.

 February 2011
In February we were still enjoying summer in NZ.  My dad came to visit and catch a huge fish at sea.  We continued to work and enjoy the sun, I got burned! On Tuesday February 27th 2011, a huge earth quake hit Christchurch and many lives were lost, and they are still till this day being hit with more and more earth quakes!

In March life carried on as usual but I was able to smash my finger in the car door some how.
Yes my finger did have to be drilled to release the pressure and yes my finger nail did eventually fall off, but thankfully it grew back pretty quickly and now everything is back to normal!

April 2011

What happened in April?'s with friends, the Royal wedding, rugby games, rats in our kitchen, Grant's 29th birthday, art, deciding we would get married, and move to the USA.

In May we realized we were for sure going to move from NZ to the USA and we were going to get married!
We caught the rat! There was a tornado in Auckland not far from where we lived, we celebrated mothers day with pictures and skype, and it finally started to get cold outside.

A lot happened in June!
My car crapped out and I had to buy a new alternator.  We visited Anna in Palmerston North, where we got our second flat tire in one month! We realized Grant can not plank.  Our immigration papers came and we decided on moving to the USA on August 7th.  Grant lost the hot curry challenge and I sold a ton of our personal belongings which turned out to only be the start of getting rid of almost every item we owned!

In July we: Took engagement photos, we sold everything we owned or gave it to the good will, I quit my job, we moved out of our place and into Grant's dads house, we closed all of our accounts, and we tried to spend quality time with our friends before we left.

We enjoyed our last rugby game the night before we left for the USA.
We said goodbye to everyone in NZ and moved to CA!
We went to Bonneville to go racing, I started planning my wedding, I picked out my wedding dress, I got my wedding rings, we picked out wedding settings and I spent time with family and friends I have not seen in a year.

September was a crazy month this year.  We had all of Grant's family in town, we were planning the wedding, we had a bridal shower, the bachelorette party and the bachelor party.
Between being a tour guide, planning my own wedding, and dealing with slight problems (like not liking my hair and make up design for the wedding) somehow we all made it through!

(photos by Jerry Foss and Richard Wong)

We got married on Oct first and from that point on the month just got more and more jam packed!
Grant and I went on a 2 day honey moon to Ocean side, we then took his brother to Vegas for the weekend. We spent time touring the out of town guests around CA and finally saying our sad goodbyes.  Towards the end of the month I had my first art booth at the Hot Rod Reunion (which was a major success in my eyes), I got deathly sick, and I ended the month with turning 28 years old and dressing up like the day of the dead for Halloween!

November flew by! It seemed to include all the usual things, like Thanksgiving dinner and present buying.

December 2011
Its the most wonderful time of the year!
We had an excellent December.  It was my first Christmas home in over 3 years and it really felt like nothing changed.  I enjoyed every party and family gathering, often thinking to myself that if I was in NZ and knew all this was happening here without me I would often get very down and cry.  So it really was nice to not miss out on all the family festivities. 

December has brought some of the most happy times like Christmas morning and gift opening and also some very sad moments too! All in all it has been an awesome year filled with lots of laughter and fun and I can't wait till the next year to see what that will bring along!

Happy New Years Eve!!!


beeswax said...

Great blog post Shannon. You and Grant had such an exciting year in 2011.
Love you, MOM

Anna said...

Awesome! Hope 2012 brings you more happiness!

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