Monday, December 12, 2011

Hair and Makeup

As I was searching the Internet for ideas for art, and I came across the top 12 hair cuts right now.
Turns out the latest greatest is the lob (long-bob).
I have had this hair cut before and loved it, but I decided to keep it a little longer for now.

These were also in the top 12 and it reminds me of my exact hair cut I have now.
I am in style and didn't even know it! 

I also ran across the sexiest 5-minute makeup looks, who knew it was so easy to look good.
  1. Slightly Smudged Eye Liner ( I do this one in my sleep before I even wake up)
  2. Red lips and Eyes (The suggestion is to rub blush all over your face this can also be done if you forget to take your makeup off the day before)
  3. Violet Eye Liner under your lower eye lid ( Is it just me or does this give you the black eye look)
  4. Tawny Eyes lips and cheeks ( this looks good on very few people, pretty much its like you are not wearing makeup at all)
  5. Chocolate Lip Color ( in my opinion this looks good on no one)
Thank you for the Sexy tips, but I think I will stick with my make up routine for now =)
Don't forget there will be a giveaway on Wednesday!!!


Grace Lynne Fleming said...

haha your comments on the sexy tips made me giggle...


beeswax said...

I personally love the natural look make-up of Jennifer Aniston. Sure, she's super cute, but anyone would look great with that simple/clean look. Too much make-up, no es bueno!

The self appointed authority, your Mama.

The Cantelmo Family said...

I love Jennifer Aniston's hair, she is SO pretty!

cate @ wildruffle said...

I always tend to do the same makeup look every day. Perhaps it's time to try one of the biggest trends to switch things up!:)

Shannon said...

I love Jennifer's hair too. Flawless.

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