Sunday, December 4, 2011

Progress Report Weekend

This weekend has been great!  The weather has been perfect, warm in the sun during the day and crisp and cool at night, because after all it is winter.  It seems everyone in the neighborhood has put up all their Christmas decorations and it looks lovely.  After living in NZ for the last 3 years where there are not really any decorations, it is fun for me to help my mom decorate again.
My mom bought a surfer nut cracker for Grant.

Saturday started early with Grant going on the roof to see what damage was done after the 100mph winds.
Turns out the chimney will need some fixing, there is a metal part that is bent up.

In the afternoon my cousin Lacey and her family came up to see the Christmas train pull into town.
Dean decided to share Lili's(the dog) tent with her.
I decorated the tree while we sat around and talked before going to dinner. 
Dean and I are waiting for the train to come into town. 
I have never seen a kid more excited than Dean. He had this look plastered on his face the entire time the Santa show was going on!  I have never laughed so hard in my life, besides the look on Dean's face the Santa show was bizarre, I think whoever wrote the script must have been on drugs! 
Dean got to sit on Grant's shoulders making him the tallest kid in the world hahah and also blocking about 25 people standing behind. 

What to do with a blanket no one wants? Make it a blanket scarf!

Totem Pole!

It was getting late by the looks of this picture both our eyes are half shut lol.

This was a fun weekend and its not even over yet!


Grace Lynne Fleming said...

1. dean is precious!

2. the surfer nutcracker is hilarious!

glad you have (are having) a wonderful weekend Shannon!


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