Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crazy Car Day

Today was a little crazy!
I left for work and as I was driving about 3 minutes away from my house my check engine light came on!
I pulled over and called Grant to say what was happening and that I didn't feel safe driving the car.
I went home and as I parked the car died.
I took our other car to work and called a car guy.
Turns out the alternator has broken.

Grant and I drove the car to the shop by charging the battery, driving 5 minutes, stopping and charging it again, driving again.  We had to charge it 3 times, but we finally got the car there.  I was not about to pay $80 to get it towed.
I hope this is the last problem with my car before we move, I really can't afford any more car "situations" .


Turning a summer
outfit into a winter one. Just add layers! Many Layers!

Mini Vacation Day 2 & 3

 On the second day of our mini vacation Anna made us a super yummy breakfast.
After some clean up around the house we decided to take off to see the local sites.

We started driving and got to the end of the street turned right and realized we had another flat tire!
The second flat in a month or so!
It was an easy fix the tire place plugged it up and only charged $15.00, way cheaper than Auckland.

After the tire was fixed we decided to drop the car home and let Anna drive lol.
We headed to a local beach, Himatangi for some pictures.

The funniest thing ever happened when we were walking back to the car.
A dad was driving away and obviously left a bratty kid behind to teach him a lesson and the kid was running after the car screaming daaadddd, the child was histerical.
We were all laughing so hard!
It must have been hard for that little kid to scream, run and cry all at the same time hahahhaaha.

Grant trying to plank!
He really can't do it.
I think he is too tall.
Its either his head is down or his feet are in the air lol.

After the beach we went to the town of Shannon!

My NAME is a TOWN!
I was so excited =)

Shannon is a really cute town.

What wasn't funny was half way through the town Grant said look there is no drinking in Shannon.
and then the "in Shannon" jokes started.
and that wasn't very funny hahha

Saturday night we went out to dinner to a nice indian restaurant.

Sunday morning we pretty much got up and drove home all day.
Anna had a soccer game so it was perfect timing for us to go. 

Mini vacation...DONE

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mini Vacation

Friday was a mini vacation to Palmerston North.
Grant and I with our friends Alina and Tom drove 6 hours south from Auckland to Palmerston North.
The reason for our trip, to party with Anna!
The drive south was very long in the dark and rain, it felt like 12 at night when it was only 8pm haha.

Once we were out of the car we were ready to party!!!
Animals let loose!

Grant, me, Anna, Tom

Anna and Grant playing peek a boo

From Sad Face
Laughing face
Crazy Face!

Alina, Mel and me

Anna and her friend Tasmin


Anna pulling a face.
peeping tom, I mean Alina!

In the video below Alina kept saying pose for the camera and then she would video us hahah.
We kept posing and she kept saying hold the pose the camera is slow lol, I thought this was really funny!

I will post about Saturday tomorrow =)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Big News

Our immigration papers finally came back and we have been approved!!!

We are moving to the USA on August 7th!

We are really excited =)

This whole week so far I have been at work while everyone else is in Australia in training courses for a new software we are getting.
So you might think hmmm I wonder what Shannon does at work when there is no one there?
Of course, take pictures of my outfits hahahhah!
No I really have been working hard, I just took a few minutes to take these since the lighting was so good.

Now I no longer have to be stressed...until we move!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Stress Ball

I am a major ball of stress!!!
There I said it!
 I am feeling extremely stressed out lately and I wish I could just be happy and have fun.
But I can't, all I can do is think about everything that I have to do before we move to CA.
I am worried about the visa, I am worried about moving and having to get a new job.
I am afraid that it will take a long time for Grant to find a job and that he will want to come back to NZ!

So that is what I am dealing with, and it is making every day hard!

It didn't help any that this morning I got up and poured cereal and took 3 bites before I looked down and saw a bug!  I then stirred it and saw another bug!  I threw the whole thing out and looked at the bags of cereal and saw another bug so I threw all the cereal out too!
So I ate toast.

Last weekend my mom had a booth for me with all my car art at a car show.
It looks amazing mom! Thank you so much =)
My little cousins got to pick out what art they wanted, they are so cute! 

I think I need to learn how to meditate or something.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Casual Friday

Its finally Friday! This week seemed to take forever.
We are still waiting to hear back from immigration and I have a feeling that is why time seems to drag on.
Every day I run home and check the mail box only to be disappointed again that there is nothing.
This morning, when walking to my car (I park on the street) I saw a delivery van driving down the street so I ran back to my door to see if I missed something and then I noticed it was the next door neighbor that got a package, awwww waiting is so annoying.
This is what I wore today on casual Friday.
The pictures are a little grainy because it was pretty dark, windy, and rainy outside at 3:30!

I saw the cutest boots on a commercial last night and they are all 50% off and I really want to buy some, I feel like it would break me out of my rut of wearing the outfits over and over again.
The only problem is I don't want to buy anything until we get back to CA, because I won't be able to bring it all with me!  Awwww what to do, what to do?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hot Curry Challenge

The Challenge
We were invited by Grant's friend Jed to take the Hot Curry Challenge at Simla's Curry Restaurant.
I hate spicy food so I said no way, but Grant, Matt and another friend all tried to eat the hottest curry ever.
The rules were simple
Eat the hot curry
Under 30 minutes
You can't drink anything like milk or yogurt
And no one can help you eat it!
One bite in and Grant was sweating and bright red.

He only got about 4 bites in before he quit.
When Grant stopped eating he started shaking and his teeth were chattering hahaha

Matt was the winner of the night.
Somehow he was able to eat the whole thing! 

I stuck the tip of my finger in and tried it and it was so spicy I wished I hadn't even done that.
It was fun watching everyone sweat it out lol
There were 9 of us but sadly I didn't get pictures of the whole group.

Happy Wednesday is over =)

Monday, June 13, 2011


We went to Mel's to get Grants hair cut, to give her some clothes and a mirror we are getting rid of, and to have a visit.  The hair cut came out awesome!

Little Ruby is so cute! 
I kept saying "say cheese" and she would make the biggest smile =)


Here is Grant's new hair cut and Ruby trying to escape from her chair.

On our way home from Mel's we decided we were hungry so we would stop at a Mexican place.
We tried to go to the Mexicali Fresh in New Market but it was way to crazy so we ended up at the water front.  The margaritas there were actually really good!
On our way home we realized we wanted more we we bought some tequila. 

It was a fun weekend.

Today I wore this to work.
I am getting a little lazy when it comes to making cute outfits.
My go to look is jeans and boots and sweaters. 
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