Friday, September 30, 2011

Retro Wedding Set Up

Tomorrow I am getting Married!
Its a 50's themed wedding.
Here are a few pictures that I found on pinterest that I based my wedding decorations on.
We are going to have a unique cake topper and we will be having multi colored lanterns in the tent.

Our color theme is teal, pink, red, white, and black.

We will be having a super cute candy table with bags for guests to take some home.

Our dance floor will be checkered and I would like my hair to be styled like the above.
Today we are setting up the wedding so everything will be ready for tomorrow.
One day till the wedding!!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Family Day

Wednesday we spent the day down by Manhattan Beach.
We picked up Grant's dad in the morning from the airport and his brother did not come in till the afternoon, so we ended up going to the beach and having lunch and coffee while we waited. 

What I wore on my big driving day hahahahha!
Surprisingly it was pretty cool in the morning and the sun did not come out till around 3pm that day.

After lots of driving we ended up at Down Town Disney to meet up with my cousins and all of our good friends from New Zealand.
Below is Ruby (a NZ girl) and Dean (an American boy)
The two of them have a cute little romance going on, they just love each other, its so cute (in a shy awkward sort of way lol)!
2 Days till the Big Day
(the wedding that is)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tea Party Bridal Shower

Last weekend was my tea party inspired bridal shower.

The two main party games were; make your own fascinator hat (like the royal wedding), and make a scrap book page for my wedding album!

Mother of the bride, bride, and Mother in Law.

Here is the fascinator table with lots of ribbon, lace and glue guns.

Here is the scrap book table with lots of paper, stickers, scissors, glue and ribbon.
Everyone was able to make me a scrap book page and they are all so unique and pretty, I can't wait to put my wedding album together!

Towards the end of the party we opened gifts and I just love everything I was given!
I can not wait to set up my own house!

The 2 boys were even excited to make and wear fascinators.

What everyone wore to the tea party was really cute and most people made their hats to match.
Here is everyone showing off their fascinators and I think a few people might even bring them to wear at the wedding when it gets crazy towards the end! 
3 Days till the wedding
Can't wait!!!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Bridal Shower Set Up

Here is a sneak peek at what my Tea Party Bridal Shower is going to look like.
Colorful Lanterns 

Tomorrow night my cousins are coming over to make cupcakes and finish up all the decorating and prep. 

There is also going to be a fun thing that everyone gets to make... Here's a hint, you wear it on your head! 
Today my mom and I worked on planning the party all day, cleaning and organizing.
Tomorrow I get my hair done for the trial wedding hair style and we finish putting the party together.
Oh yeah and Grant and the guys will be having their bachelor night out, should be fun =)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hair Styles

I decided to take the hair challenge this week.
What is the hair challenge you are asking?
All you have to do is try to wear your hair in some sort of style other than down or in a boring ponytail.
The first day I did a high bun! Really high!

The second day I scrunched my hair with some curl product and waited for it to dry wild.
Finally I pinned 3 sections back on top twisting them to make them stick up.

The final day I made an effort I took 2 sections in front and braided them.
I then put the rest of my hair in a high bun and wrapped the braids around the bun securing with pins.

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Wedding Count Down

9 Days left before its wedding day!
For some reason I thought I would be really crazy planning everything the 2 weeks before the wedding, but here we are and its not crazy at all...yet

As of right now everything seems to be under control, but I guess that could all change when all of Grant's family comes into town and we are having to tour people around and plan at the same time.

This is the clutch I will have at the wedding (same one from the bachelorette night).

 I have decided that since veils are really expensive and turns out really hard to make, I am going to borrow my cousin Amanda's veil.  Since I will only be wearing it to walk down the aisle it does not make sense to spend hundreds of dollars.
I finally found my shoes at Nine West, after a full day of being at the mall dragging everyone from store to store.  The funniest part of the shoe shopping day was when we went to the Steve Madden store and the woman working there talked me in to trying on some ridiculously tall sparkly shoes in a size that was too small! She actually insisted lol.  The thing with the tall shoes is they look great when you are posing but when trying to walk its a different story, I could imagine myself falling down in the aisle ... no thanks.

These are the colors I will wear on my nails.  The bright pink on my toes and the light pink on my fingers.
Also Grant's wedding ring came in the mail today and it fits!

So as of now we are ready!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Advertising Options

There are some changes happening over here on Talks a Lot.
I am now accepting advertising.

I have some new advertising options for anyone who may be interested!
One of them is FREE, so check it out.
Simply click either banner on here and it will send you to my Advertise page.

My newest partner is Donda Lee's:

I found her blog about a week ago and decided I love it!
If you have some extra time check her out, its lots of fun.
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