Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Last Year Same Day

One thing I really like about having a blog is I can go back in time and see exactly what I was doing that same day the year before.  Last year on January 18, 2011, I posted about our last weekend spent in the north of New Zealand at Grant's family beach house and about how I had just stared a new job.  Read more about a year ago here, if you want.

Today exactly one year later:
  • I woke up in CA (where we live now)
  • My car did not start again (its been not starting on and off)
  • After jump starting the car we drove to get it fixed
  • We stopped by my Grandpa's shop to say hi
  • I went on a job interview
  • We drove and picked up my car (now its fixed!)
  • I got home starving but decided to wait till Grant got home so we could eat together
  • Since the day is not done I plan to still get some stuff together for immigration and work on painting my little side table for our new place
Only 7 Days till the big move...


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