Monday, February 20, 2012

Austin TX

This weekend we went to Austin for a mini vacation.
We arrived in Austin at 5:30pm and we took the bus from the airport to our hotel in downtown.
Shortly after we arrived at the hotel it was time to meet Andrea and her family for dinner at a local Mexican food place.  We were planning on taking a taxi because it was raining, but the wait for a taxi would have been 30 plus minutes so we decided to walk in the rain.
We had already walked from the bus to the hotel in the rain and it wasn't too bad, although our luggage was soaked!

The sign above me says rain so we thought it would be cool to get a photo.
Dinner was great and it was so good to see Andrea and her big pregnant belly!

Saturday we work up around 9am which would have been 7am in CA, so early if you take the time change into consideration.  We walked to a cafe that was close to the hotel for breakfast.  The coffee was so good there that we went back the next day for another one.

Here I am in front of the cafe.

After breakfast we took a stroll down 6th street to get an idea of where everything was.

At 2pm it was time for Andrea's baby shower, which was the whole point of the trip. 

We all made her some scrap book pages so all she has to do is print out the pictures and glue them in!

Andrea and Rich after the shower was over.

Diana(Andrea's sister) Andrea and me

After the shower we went back to Andrea's house for a glass of wine and some chit chat.

Saturday night on 6th street they were celebrating Mardi Gras so the whole street was shut down and everyone was partying.  We ended up going to a few bars, but called it a night around 1am. 

Sunday morning we went for a walk to see where we might have been catching the bus back to the airport in the afternoon, but luckily Rich said he could just take us to the airport after we all went out to lunch one last time. 
Oh yeah, it was also the Austin marathon Sunday morning lol.

This is a historic house in down town.

We had an excellent time visiting and seeing Austin, I can't wait till we get to go back and meet the baby!


beeswax said...

Good for you, going to Austin. Next time you guys can stay longer. Andrea looks radiant! so does Richard (expecting daddy).
Really like the flowers.

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